Printer Options for Laptop Users

As the use of laptop computers becomes more and more prevalent, consumers are finding expanded options available in the market of printers for laptops.

Whether you are using your laptop for home or business purposes, or a combination of the two, you will inevitably find that you will need to print a document at some point. What printer you select for your needs will depend on a variety of factors, including the need for portability and your access to a power source.

If you mainly use your laptop in one central location, you may find that a standard desktop printer suits your needs best. You can find a decent, well-equipped desktop printer for around $50. Although it is an economical choice, it must by physically connect to your laptop via a printer cord.

If you use your laptop in a variety of locations in your home or office, or if you have multiple laptops, a wireless printer is a great option. After a basic set-up and install process, you have the option of printing from any remote location within a certain range of your printer. Wireless desktop printers range anywhere from around $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on the brand you select and the functions it offers.

Another great option for laptop users on the go is a portable or mobile printer. Small and lightweight, you can take your printer with you wherever you go. Portable printers give you the option of using a traditional A/C cord, a battery, or even a cigarette lighter adapter to power your printer. Traveling for business? No need to visit the business center to obtain your documents. Whether in a hotel, office or even your vehicle, you can print the documents you need. Models range in price from around $200 to several hundred dollars.

The choices in printers for laptops have expanded and improved in recent years, and no matter what your needs and budget, you can find a great printer to suit both.

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