The Main Reason I Switched From Trackfone To Sprint

For the six years that I’ve owned and used to Trackfone, I’ve always been very satisfied with it. It’s a very inexpensive cell phone and it has served my purposes very well. That is until I recently learned about a new application that you can get for Sprint phones called the Sprint Family Locator. This cell phone locator is almost too good to be true. For just $5.00 a month I can keep tabs on all my family members with a cool cell phone tracking app. Using the Sprint locator is really fun. I shouldn’t forget to mention how handy this application is when my husband happens to be late coming home for dinner. It’s simple to see the location of your family members any time you feel like it with this cool cell phone tracking application.

This service will only work if they actually remember to take their cell phones with them and have them turned on. If Trackfone would have offered an application like this, I would’ve never switched to Sprint. It only costs me a five dollar bill for a month’s use and I can track up to four of my family members with the Sprint cell phone locator. Regardless of how often I use the system during the month I never pay more than $5.00. If you’re the jealous type and you feel the need to check the location of your significant other 2,000 times during the month, you’ll still only have to pay $5.00. It’s a good thing it’s so inexpensive because if you’re actually using this service to check the location of anyone this frequently, you really should be spending your money on a good psychiatrist.

There’s no need to go out and buy new phones simply to use the cell phone tracker. All Nextel and Sprint cell phones will work with the cell phone locating application. If you have a smart phone that allows you to download and install software onto it, you might want to download and install the Sprint family locator app which will make it possible for you to use your cell phone to track the other cell phones on your cell phone account. There’s no need to worry if you don’t have a programmable phone. It’s still quite easy to use a computer with an Internet connection for your cell phone tracking needs with the service.

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