Why Are People In Love With The iPad?

The Apple iPad was received with overwhelming support by consumers when it was introduced last year. Consumers from all around the world show their support of Apple’s introduction of the iPad by laying out their hard earned cash for the new gadget. Many Apple stores sold out of the iPad the first day of sales. Millions of people fought their way into the Apple stores on opening day to be the first in line to buy it.

A brand new category of computers was started called slate computers was introduced to the world when Apple introduced the iPad. Slate computers are touch screen laptop computers but they’re missing several key features like keyboards, DVD drives, expansion ports, and peripherals. Since the iPad is missing some features that seem quite important, why do you think it has become so popular? I believe the reason that has become so overwhelmingly successful is because Apple is meeting a very basic and simple need that people seem to have with the iPad.

A lot of people seem to really enjoy the feeling of holding a good book in their hands and sitting in a comfortable position to read. Digital media seems to be the majority of the things that we read in this day and age. Most people read their news on the computer as well as books and the Internet on the computer. It’s becoming quite rare for people to sit down and hold a good book in their hands and read for a while. The designers of the iPad made it small enough to be portable but large enough to still be quite usable.

It’s a lot more relaxing for most people to sit in a comfortable chair and read on the iPad than it is to sit at a computer desk or table. Apple has figured out the secret to getting in touch with people’s emotions with the iPad. Many people  report that using the iPad’s touch interface is quite easy to use and simple to learn. The iPad’s touchscreen is very easy to use an quite responsive. Users who hold the iPad report that it feels like holding a book more than a computer.

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