The Things That You Should Not Miss out on Doing in Alicante

If you’re going to make your vacation in Alicante , there are many things that you should not miss out on including visiting the historical landmarks, beaches and other tourist attractions in Alicante. Before I tell you about some of the things to do here, I need to point out that there is no real transportation in this province outside the larger cities, which means that a car hire is essential. Alicante car hire is very reasonable at the best of times but it still pays to book well in advance of your trip in order to get the best value. So, without further ado, here are some highly recommended things to do during your stay in Alicante.

Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante City
The fun and excitement begin in visiting the spectacular castle of Santa Barbara. This fantastic castle sit son top of Mount Benacantil’s summit. It overlooks the beautiful scenery in Alciante and the clear blue sea. You can visit the Santa Barbara castle anytime of the year.

Museums and Art Galleries
If you are inclined to everything that art encompasses then the art galleries and museums in Alicante is a must-see for you. Contemporary and classical paintings are on display with bullfighting and archaeology as the subjects.

Museo de Arte de Siglo XX La Asegurada (Museum of Contempory Art)
This museum is one of the oldest in Alicante and a home to art gallery which contains art collections. The famous artists in Spain have also donated some of their masterpieces. Some of the brilliant and world renowned painters and sculptures are Dali, Cocteau, Bacon and Picaso.

Buildings and Monuments
You can experience the wonderful heritage of Alicante City by getting a full glimpse of their monuments. There are lots of splendid monuments that you can see in the area of Alicante. You can also see the oldest church Alicante if you head to Jorge Juan Street.

Iglesia de Santa Maria (St Mary’s Church)
A gothic style church was built between the 14th and 16th centuries. This was made from the remains of a mosque but nonetheless a very spectacular sight to see.

Archaeological Site
On the hill of Tossal sits the archaeological sight of Ibero-Roman City. This was built in the later part of the 18th century. You can still view the remains of the street and your stop over in this monument will surely be worthwhile with all the historic evidences left.

There are several things that you can do in Alicante that will fill your vacation with fun and adventures. Choosing Alicante as your vacation haven is not a waste of time and money indeed.

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